And We Hit The Ground Running

By Nick Cains

Welcome back to the life of Nick Cains Season 2: Junior Year!

My break was wonderful. Did some table waiting. Did some sleeping. I get back to school and life just gets crazy!

In a good way of course =D.

My Own TV Show:

This semester I’m working on developing my own television show entitled “The Nick Cains Show” and I’m more than excited. My talented friend Rosalee Chan, a film major, has agreed to help me develop it. I want to film myself hosting things, going out and interviewing people (from students, to faculty, to strangers) on different topics and events that I choose. I got a taste of it last week when I saw a performance of “Jampact” and interviewed the band, including the dean of the Meadows School of the Arts, Jose Bowen. I taped the whole escapade. It was magical. So, now that I have a taste for it, I’m gonna go for it and just try to have a good time. My first show should be a special about Valentines Day. It’s gonna be fun.


Ha! I’m taking 15 hours instead of 18 and still feel busy =D. My range of classes include Acting, Directing, Playwrighting, Philosophy, and Reporting, which is all kinds of fun in my book. At this point (like any semester) there’s just so much reading assigned that I cannot allow myself to fall behind already (it’s a task, believe me). So, send me all of your good vibes as I buckle down and really get things done this semester. It should get extra interesting in March when I start rehearsing for Much Ado About Nothing . Woot woot!
Now ya’ll have a wonderful time today and I’ll keep you posted on when I’m moving forward with my side project.
Life. Is. Beautiful.

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