By Cameron Smith

It’s great to be back at SMU! I just recently got back from the long awaited and long lasting winter break. I spent my holidays back in my home state of Colorado. Over break I had the chance to do the things I miss most about being home: Hanging out with my dog, going skiing, cruising around the old stomping ground, catching up with some friends, and most importantly spending time with family. The relaxing break was an opportune time to catch up on sleep and be lazy for awhile. Alas…I am back at school and its nose to the grindstone again. While home I realized how much I missed all of my friends back here. After my fist day of classes, I was happy to see all of the familiar faces. I am now officially in the Cox School of Business and was proud to walk into my first official business class on Tuesday. One thing that I dearly missed while in Colorado was the Dallas weather. This past week the weather has been outstanding, in the seventies almost every day with lots of sunshine. (Keep in mind it’s January). Pretty soon it will be shorts-only weather. Its great being able to walk to class in a light jacket and not have to lose any sleep over getting too cold. Needless to say I am very happy to be back at school with all my friends and am excited for another great year!

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