Back in the Swing of Things!

By Liz Dominguez

So, today ends the first week of classes here at SMU. I can definitely say that I have enjoyed my first week – it’s been very relaxed and entertaining. We’re right at the end of Martin Luther Kung, Jr. Week here on campus, and I have thoroughly enjoyed all of the events. We started off the week on Monday at Cornerstone Baptist Church volunteering and feeding the homeless during the MLK parade that went through South Dallas. It was so amazing to see so many different faces from SMU and SOOOO many different types of people coming together on a day that we didn’t have class for one common goal of assisting others. We served food at the church from 9:00 am until about 3:00 pm, and we all had so much fun doing it. It was definitely a very rewarding experience. On Wednesday, the SMU community marched from the front steps of Dallas Hall to the Hughes-Trigg Student Center in commemoration of the marches that Dr. King participated in. We were joined by the presidents of all minority organizations on campus, and our banner was held by President Turner – the president of the university. Needless to say, it was another very rewarding experience. Throughout the week, we have had many smaller programs in and around campus, and the Association of Black Students also partnered up with the students from Paul Quinn College to carry out specific programs and tasks. It is events such at these that make my experiences at SMU worthwhile. Being a minority student on campus has opened many doors, challenged me to broaden my horizons, and given me some amazing memories. I hope that they do not end here. I’ve attached a photo with all of the volunteers from that day.


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