Time to Win in 2010

By Derek Hubbard

Happy New Year to you all!

The new year always brings about resolutions and promises. Often times, these resolutions and promises are broken within the first month of the year. I have taken it upon myself not to make a resolution but instead strive to do “More or Less” this year. More studying. Less partying. More exercise. Less junk food. More fun. Less drama. It is a very simple concept that I hope will keep me focused for 2010.

I’m sure you are wondering what I mean by “Time to Win in 2010.” This is also quite simple. I will win by doing more or less. SMU is a great place for me to win. Coming off of a historic Hawaii Bowl win, there is no better time than now to prepare for glory. So how will SMU help me accomplish this? I have begun to visit the Dedman Center for Lifetime Sports more. There I can run on the indoor track, swim in the pool, or pump some iron in the weight room. The Dedman Center is somewhat like an LA Fitness except better. There one has access to so many amenities that the Dedman Center oftentimes feels like a resort. The next way SMU is helping me win is by eating less junk food and more healthy food options. The Umphrey Lee Cafeteria, or Umph, as we like to call it has healthy food options for any type of eater. There, I began my day with a fresh omelet served only with the tastiest of vegetables. For lunch, it might be time for a wrap, gyro, or pizza. My mother tells me that I should eat more salads. I disagree. If you are a salad person, then we have a salad bar that is to die for…Well, that’s what I have heard. Finally for dinner, I opt for baked or grilled chicken with steamed vegetables. If you have a sweet tooth fret not. We have a dessert bar that is sure to give you tons of flavor.

I guess you can tell that I ultimately am trying to get into shape. And yes, I will “Win in 2010” with my “More or Less” attitude and SMU right by my side.

Until next time…Pony UP!

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