A Hawaiian Christmas

By Natalie Sharp

Hello! I hope everyone had a wonderful Winter Break and a wonderful Holiday season! With SMU offering it’s students such a lengthy break over the months of December and January, a lot of students traveled home for the Holidays. Fortunately, since I am so close to home, I did not have to travel far to get there. I was back to home cooked meals, sleeping in, relaxation and lots of attention from my parents in almost no time at all! It was great! It was nice to be home and I was able to visit a lot of family during the break as well. My brother, who is a senior in college, came home with his two year old Labrador-pointer, Heidi. My brother and I also were able to take an awesome vacation with our Dad to Hawaii for the SMU Bowl Game! Describing our vacation as absolutely awesome would be an understatement. We stayed at the Sheraton Waikiki which is right on the beach and is also where our football team stayed, along with a lot of other SMU Football fans. The Sheraton Hotel is also who sponsored the game, the Sheraton Waikiki Aloha Bowl. It was almost as if SMU had taken over the hotel, with the occasional vacationers and honeymooners. During our stay, we visited a lot of really cool places like Pearl Harbor, the WWII Punchbowl Memorial, North Shore and the Dole Plantation. Also, we had some really amazing food, like a cheeseburger topped with asparagus, brie cheese and lobster tail. Who would have thought? I also, being the sushi fanatic that I am, I ordered some of the best tasting sushi I have ever, ever had. But, most important of all, the Bowl Game! What an awesome experience and great feeling that our SMU Mustangs had made it a bowl game! The stadium was packed with SMU fans and there was a lot of cheering coming from the SMU fans since the game was a total blowout. SMU beat Nevada 45-10!! SMU scored in the third play of the game which made the fans go absolutely wild! Needless to say, SMU played their heart out and accomplished something very special. Upon our departure from Hawaii, there was a bit of a delay. Well, more like a seven hour delay in the Waikiki airport. Sounds horrible, doesn’t it? One would think so. But, after such an awesome win, everyone was so happy that nothing could put a damper on our moods, even if it WAS Christmas morning. In fact, a lot of our football players found themselves joining us in the one restaurant that SMU fans talked into staying open and letting us camp out in. The restaurant had a lot of big screen t.v.’s all around and everyone was actually watching our game on t.v.! It was so neat to have actually been in the stadium and to have seen such a terrific win live and then to watch it with the players on t.v. afterward. Eventually, we all boarded the plane and safely returned to Dallas! All in all, Hawaii was a fabulous vacation experience and I am so happy I was able to a part of SMU making history with a Bowl Game WIN!! Go Mustangs!

Here is a picture on game day taken from our hotel at sunrise… Just gorgeous!


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