Finals? I’m still studying for regular exams!

by Lauren Cook

These two last weeks are extremely busy. Talk of finals, study groups, hot chocolate, stress, and all-nighters is in the air. However, I can’t fully start studying for finals yet because I still have regular exams and assignments left. I just had my last Psychology exam today before the final, and I have my last Computer Technology exam on Wednesday and two papers for my Rhetoric & Speech class due within the next week. I’m taking things one project at a time…Still, because I am the ARA (Academic Resident Assistant) in my residence hall here at SMU, I am still promoting getting ahead for finals and studying a little bit each day. It’s easy to say, but hard to do. I only have 2 final exams, and I have started studying a tiny bit with one of my friends for one of them. However, I am nowhere near to being finished. Once this weekend comes, I should have everything else done, and be able to focus on the 2 finals I have.
Lastly, I will have one task that I don’t mind working on…packing for home! I leave next Friday the 18th. It will be good that I finish with exams Wednesday the 16th so I can have plenty of time to not stress out and pack strategically and efficiently with enough time. All my friends will be home by then, so it will be perfect to get the party started come next Friday!

Hope everyone has a fabulous Christmas break!

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