A Semester to Remember

By Greg Nelson

It is hard to believe that we are down to the final 3 days of classes for the semester. With no free weekends left, the final push for that grade bump up begins. However, before we all take off for the break and wonderful holiday season, I think now is a great time to reflect on some of the events that happened on the SMU campus this semester.

Fall is the time for all universities to rally around their football program, and in the past, SMU hasn’t had much to cheer about. This fall was different though. After winning their first game this season, tying our win total from last year, the Mustang football team went 6-6 clinching their first bowl appearance since 1985. They will be traveling to Hawaii for the Hawaii bowl, which will be played on Dec. 24. Hopefully the Mustangs can end 8-5, and either way we are proud of the progress the team has made and look forward to a better season next year.

Also, this fall the George W. Bush presidential library was approved to be built on SMU’s campus. Mrs. Laura Bush is a graduate of SMU and the Bush family will make their residence in the Dallas area, so this is a great place for the library. Construction is to begin soon and will be complete in 2013. Visit http://smu.edu/bushlibrary/ to learn more about the library and to hear the president’s speech from SMU.

The fall semester was a lot of fun as well. From intramurals to a One28 snowball fight in Sorority Park. Intramural flag football was a lot of fun. It was great to play football with friends against other friends from the university. The snowball fight was great. Over 2500 snowballs were thrown by students in shorts and no snow on the ground. Being from Ohio, it was an interesting site for me, but none the less, an enjoyable experience. It wasn’t long after that real snow actually fell in Dallas. Now that was more like home.

Though there were so many more great things that happened on campus, I will leave you with one of the biggest traditions of SMU: The Celebration of Lights. I went last year and it was great and I thought it wouldn’t be as great the second time since I knew what to expect, but I was wrong. The singing of Christmas songs and listening to President Turner read the Christmas story is great. When the candles are blown out and the lights on Dallas Hall and the surrounding trees are lit, it is a great site to see. If you come to SMU or live in the area, this is something you have to see at least once, it is great. You can see pictures at http://smu.edu/newsinfo/stories/celebration-of-lights-2007.asp

Happy and Safe Holidays and best of luck in the year to come!
Go Mustangs!

About Nelson, Randall Gregory

I am from Cleveland, OH and in my third year at SMU. I am studying Finance and Economics and hope to work in sports after I graduate. At SMU, I currently work in the admissions office and serve as the President for our campus chapter of Habitat for Humanity.
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