Habitat for Humanity

By Greg Nelson

Getting involved on campus in many different activities is a great way to meet new people and give you new experiences. I am involved with Habitat for Humanity on campus. It is very rewarding and has opened my eyes to new experiences and views on life in general. Throughout the course of the semester, we have done about a build a week on house in north Dallas. We have done everything from setting the roof to the landscaping, which will be done this weekend. Even though most of Habitat for Humanity is building the houses and creating new relationships, there is also the financial part. We have sold koosies, t-shirts and have held a fundraiser, and as a part of the organization, these things mean something to you. They help finance what help you are trying to give. You take a different view of these events however, when you organize and plan them. This coming Tuesday (12/8) is a fundraiser at California Pizza Kitchen in Preston Plaza, which is close to campus. 20% of the check will go to Habitat for Humanity if you present a flyer with the check. It will be a small amount per person in donations. Though we might not make a lot from this, every little bit helps toward the goal of helping people obtain shelter and a place to call home.


About Nelson, Randall Gregory

I am from Cleveland, OH and in my third year at SMU. I am studying Finance and Economics and hope to work in sports after I graduate. At SMU, I currently work in the admissions office and serve as the President for our campus chapter of Habitat for Humanity.
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