Say “Mele Kalikimaka” This Hawaiian Christmas Day

By Elizabeth Bandera

Wow…the SMU football team is going to the Sheraton Hawaii Bowl in the Aloha Stadium. As someone who sat through last year’s entire football season and witnessed SMU’s 1-11 streak, I am awed and amazed by this new found strength of our football team. I want to go up to everyone of those boys and give them a giant bear hug – however, they may be slightly perplexed by this action considering none of them know who I am. Heck, if I get the chance I’m taking it! Those boys are the reason the Mustang Marching Band and the Spirit and Pom squads are getting an all-expense paid trip to Hawaii! We get to fly to Hawaii with all of our close friends…for FREE. How much better can one’s holiday season get? I’m picking out my sundresses and bathing suits now because Hawaii, here I come!

The deciding factor in SMU attending the Sheraton Hawaii Bowl, from what I could tell, was our game this past week. It was a battle between SMU and Tulane, but we came out victorious! Though we won, it was a bittersweet game…it was our seniors last game ever at SMU. We honored them during halftime by calling them to the middle of the field and announcing their names over the stadium loudspeaker. I am a fairly emotional person, but I held it together during halftime…I kept telling myself “I’m not going to cry. I’m going to smile instead” and it worked for the time being.

(A photo of all the seniors in the Mustang Marching Band – Hubba)

At the end of the game when the band plays the traditional songs Shanty Town, Varsity, and Peruna we all usually stay in the stands, sway back and forth, and sing together. However, this time all of the seniors went down onto the field where alumni usually stand and watched as we played Shanty Town…they sang along from the field as we sang Varsity from the stands. I had told myself I’d keep smiling so I smiled as tears rolled down my face. These are some of my best friends, my SMU family, and it was hard to think of a band, or a school, without them there.

(The seniors singing Varsity one last time)

Even though many of us were teary-eyed, we still have the rest of the year to spend with these lovely people. I am so honored to have known these individuals and I am inspired by each and every one of them. Best of luck Senior Class of 2010! I love you.

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