I Perform Twice Next Week!

By Nicholas Cains

How great it is to be back in good ol’ Dallas from my break.

I had the wonderful opportunity to just relax for about four days on my break and I enjoyed every second of it. I also got addicted to Dexter somehow as well; another story for another time =D.
Anyway I’m going to be involved in two performances next week!

Buffet Theater

This is a SMU Student Theater (SMUST) Production that is written, directed, and performed by students. We present ten-minute plays after a week of rehearsal and any theater major can be involved. I’m working on a show called “Happy Birthday, Love Mom” by Sarah Miller and it’s hilarious. I play the friend of a guy who finds out his mother has a questionable secret job. We will rehearse all week and present next Sunday at 9:00 p.m. for free in B-450. How exciting.

Solo Performance

This is the most exciting for me. I am taking a wonderful Solo Performance class for my Cultural Formation perspective with Professor Rhonda Blair. We have studied solo performance as an art form as well as various performers all semester leading up to our development of our own performance at the end of the semester. My piece deals with the problems and joys of being myself in relationship to finding the right girl. It includes lots of music, dancing, and just plain speech about things I’ve always wanted to say. I’ll either perform this two minute piece on the 7th or 8th of next week and I’m ecstatic.

I’m off to get lunch, serve on a panel for journalism, and perform my acting scene for a final showing in class @ 2:00.

Have a wonderful day!

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