Home Sweet Home

By Cam Smith

Part of being in college away from home, is the sometimes uncomforting fact that you will be away from your parents and family for several months at a time. It is natural for first year students to feel some amount of being “homesick.” Being away from your close high school friends and in a brand new environment can be challenging. However, most everyone is able to get over these emotions once they have settled into their daily lives in college. When I came to college, I realized that everyone including me was in the same boat in terms of being away from home. After a few months, these feelings went away and I found that SMU had become my new home. Some of my best friends are the ones that I have met here.

This past weekend I went home for the Thanksgiving Holiday. One thing I have learned is that in being away from my parents is that I have a greater love and respect for them. In being home, I appreciate all the time that we get to spend together because it is more limited. I look forward to these breaks when I have a chance to see my parents and my two brothers. It is a great change of pace from the hectic college schedule and a free meal here and there never hurt anyone! I have three weeks left in the semester to work my tail off and get my grades up, then I will be back for winter break. I find that whenever I go home, I feel reenergized and ready to tackle the tasks ahead. It was a very pleasant thanksgiving, and now I am placing my focus upon these next few weeks and studying and working hard.

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