Blindside the movie

Lauren Cook

For those who have not gotten the chance to see this new release in theaters, make sure you go see it! Blindside is a movie that will leave you with much to think about–especially this Christmas season. Sandra Bullock, although I originally wasn’t a huge fan of the blonde hair and Southern accent, does a great job of portraying a Tenessee woman who takes a boy off the streets into her home and adopts him legally into her family. As a result, he earns a driver’s license, a spot on the christian private high school football team, and many college football scholarship offers (from University of Florida, Ole Miss, Tennessee, etc). The care that she and her family show to him, Michael Oher, is a great story of compassion in its highest form. This movie is actually based on a true story. It happened not too long ago, because Michael was drafted to the Atlanta Falcons pretty recently. How cool is it that he has a movie made about him?! Go see it–you won’t regret it. You will most likely get tears of sadness AND of happiness! :)

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