Must have Thanksgiving break!

by Lauren Cook

Tuesday afternoon could not come any faster! I get out of class at 12:20pm, and boy, will that be glorious. I am exhausted with school work and/or going to class, so it will be nice to finally get to stop and take a breather.

My top reasons for being excited about break:

1) Tuesday night I get to go over to my sister’s apartment and she and her husband are making dinner for me and my boyfriend
2) Wednesday I get to take a low-key day and work on homework
3) Thursday (Thanksgiving Day) my parents are flying in from Florida and we get to eat with my sister and her husband at Three Forks restaurant!
4) Friday morning my parents are meeting my boyfriend’s parents and his siblings. The two families finally meet in person! This will be epic! Aha. I cannot wait :)
5) Friday night my family is going to be eating at the restaurant in Reunion Tower in Downtown Dallas
6) Saturday my family and I will just hang out, go shopping, excercise, and have great family bonding time!

I am so excited…as you can see! Break could not come soon enough 😉

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