Watch Out Turkey Coma…Here I Come!

By Elizabeth Bandera

It is nearing turkey time and I am getting more and more excited by the minute! These past two weeks have been laden with papers and tests, so I’m looking forward to just being able to relax, eat a ton, and then go into a food-induced coma.

This past weekend our SMU Mock Trial team drove all the way to Murfreesboro, TN…where on earth is that? Well my friends, it is only a short 30-40 minute drive from Nashville, TN, which is (*fun fact*) one of the “friendliest cities in the United States” according to Travel & Leisure. So to kick off our 12+ hour drive up, we got to wake up at 5:00 and meet at SMU to leave. Lucky for me, my team brought starbucks and donuts so we were set for the time being. Also, it just so happened that I was the only executive member (VP of Finance) on the way up because our other exec members had to fly for some reason or another, so everyone came to me with their problems or questions about the trip – I was the team “mom” in other words.

When we finally arrived, we all decided to eat at this place called the Gaylord Opryland Hotel, which is a sight to see! The place practically had a rainforest inside the hotel along with a river, a boat tour, shops, night clubs…it was like a crazy, whimsical self-sustaining town on the outskirts of Nashville!

Over the weekend our 3 individual teams did extremely well – even better than our last tournament in St. Louis, MO! Some had a rough start, but as the tournament went on we all put on our game faces and dominated. There were 60 some-odd teams there, so unfortunately we did not rank in the top echelon of teams, but we still did exceedingly well. The last night we had enough time to drive into Nashville and see some of the music scene there, which was fun. Then came Sunday along with our wonderfully tedious journey back to SMU…and, good news, we made it back!

Also, for anyone who likes the show The Office, I’ve been finding myself saying “I do declare!” after many of my sentences just because I find it amusing. Strange, I know, but I find it entertaining.

Again, I cannot WAIT for Thanksgiving! Break is just around the corner along with our SMU vs. Tulane game, which hopefully we will win. Bowl game here we come!

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