Sand Castles, Mr. University, and Battle of The Bands

By Nicholas Cains

Hey Guys!
What an exciting week I seem to have in store for me.
I’m fresh off the bus from Houston to Dallas. I had to make a trip to my home this weekend. It was a nice preview of what Thanks giving & Christmas Break will feel like =D. Either way, would you like to know what’s on my mind?

Sand Castles
I’m putting up this original work in development for my friend today. The show is called Cycles and I’m in one of two plays that are being put up called Sand Castles. It involves me being a boy on a beach building sandcastles, when the lifeguard approaches me and hilarity ensues =D. The show goes up today at 1:00 and I’m excited.

The Seagull
My acting scene also goes up today and I play a sixty year old man named Sorin. I’m excited to get in there and just make a choice. It should be all kinds of fun.

Mr. University
Mr. University Pageant is tomorrow and then all of my extracurriculars are over! I’ve had a TON of fun with this endeavor and I cannot wait for the talent portion. I am competing with some wonderful guys who seem nice and surprisingly friendly. Then again, I should never be surprised to find a bunch of friendly folk on this campus. It’s pretty much contagious! It’s gonna be a great time. I do the show from 6:30-11 and it’s gonna be fab! =D

Battle of the Bands
The Battle of the Bands is also this weekend and I shall be hosting it. How much fun is that given that I really wish to host things in my career at some point like Ryan Seacrest. I’m ready to just have some fun on a nice Saturday Afternoon.

There are lots of things happening on campus this week. Yay for being involved =D

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