A Winning Team!

By Natalie Sharp

Wow, what a win our SMU Mustang Football team had this past weekend! With a 35-31 win over UTEP, our football team has certainly proven their hard work and determination to having a winning season. This past weekend was family weekend as well so students brought their families along with them to the infamous boulevard “tailgating” experience, as well as the wonderful and entertaining game. The student section was packed and definitely rowdy, like the rest of the stadium. At the end of the game, students, alumni, faculty and the like, all rushed the field to congratulate our winning Mustangs! The support and enthusiasm from everyone was phenomenal. With this accomplished win, our Mustangs are now Bowl Eligible, so now lets cross our fingers that we can pull at least one more win this season. We have 2 more games left. This weekend we play an away game against Marshall and then our last game of the season is at home against Tulane. Aside from the excitement from the final score of last weekends game, Mustang fans went wild when the announcer announced that the Mustangs are number one in our Conference! What a miracle! Hopefully we will see our Ponies in the Conference USA Championship game. June Jones, our head football coach, who came from Hawaii and is working in his second year at SMU, has really made a huge impact in turning our football program around for the better, that’s for sure. It is so exciting to be a student at SMU during this fabulous turnaround and it is so much fun to witness the turnaround as well. Go Mustangs!

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