Tis the Season

By Cam Smith

Earlier this week, I was pleasantly surprised when I walked by Dallas Hall and saw white lights being put on the trees. These lights were being strung in anticipation of the “Celebration of Lights.” This is an SMU Tradition in which the entire school gathers the weekend before finals. The entire Dallas Hall quad is lit with white lights. Students and alumni alike join in singing Christmas Carols and sharing holiday cheer. As a freshmen last year it was one of my fondest memories. In a time of intense stress revolving around finals, it is a great way to relax, put things in perspective, and share some school unity. It truly is an event that is a huge part of the SMU experience. Though I will be clearly stressing out over my lack of sleep and/or tests awaiting, the holiday cheer on campus is hard to resist. Next week I’m going home for Thanksgiving, and I am very excited to head back to Colorado for the weekend. I have not been home since August, and a chance to see my brothers and parents will be a nice change. This semester has flown by, I really don’t know where all the time has gone. Thus far college has moved at break neck speed. Sometimes I wish it would just slow down for a bit because I love all the fun things I get to do here. Soon I will be a second semester sophomore and before I know it….an SMU graduate. Let’s hope that just doesn’t come too quick.

Until Next Time…

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