By Kaitlyn Hall

The SMU football team won their game on Saturday against UTEP. Do you know what that means? SMU is bowl eligible and could go to a bowl for the first time in like 25 years! How awesome is that! June Jones is in the middle of his second season here at SMU, and he sure has turned the football program around. SMU has not done the best in past years (I am putting this very lightly), and Jones has really done something for this team. I am so proud to be an SMU Mustang right now. The student body is stoked about this football season, and I have never seen students so spirited! If we are chosen to go to a bowl game, the team may get to go to Hawaii. And if the Mustangs win the next two games against Marshall and Tulane, we get to play for the Conference USA championship which could be back at SMU! That would be so much fun to watch! I always wondered what it would be like to go to a university with a huge football program because I am a huge football fan. But now, I don’t wonder about it anymore because I am so proud of my Mustangs! Pony Up, and wish our Ponies luck!

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