Mom and Dad- AKA Family Weekend

By Lauren Cook

It’s so cute to see all the families together on campus! All the parents look so proud to be with their students yet also curious at the same time. A girl’s dad sat in on my psychology class today and I bet college is a lot different today than it was for him back then! I think it’s such a great idea on SMU’s part to host this weekend. It gives parents a chance to see how their kids are doing as well as see how exactly they are investing all of their money. The game should be good tomorrow. I think the stands should be more full :) My parents actually are not coming up this weekend! :( They didn’t last year either. The reason is because since my sister and her husband now live here in Dallas, we made it a tradition to have Thanksgiving here, so now my parents will just wait one more weekend and fly up in 2 weeks! I can’t wait to see them. It’s been so long, yet I feel like I just left home. I bet that we will still all act the same…actually, wait–I KNOW we will!

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