Your Personal Life Does Not Stop Here!

By Lauren Cook

For those of you who attend college strictly to go to class and sleep, a word of warning…..things will come up that you do not plan for and will test you! Especially regarding personal topics such as family or friend conflicts, personal happiness and well being, all of these things may happen upon you when you least expect it! Don’t fret, however. This is life :) You just take it as the day comes. Also, I have found that your friends are always there for you or vice versa. It really helps me to know that I have a close group of 6 girls that I could go to for advice. Not to mention my boyfriend, my boss, or my sister who lives here! Also, SMU has plenty of counselors, psychologists, chaplains, and mentors here on campus that you can talk to if you have questions or just need to talk to someone. That is a comfort to me!

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