By Kaitlyn Hall

So are you one of those people that played sports in high school but know you aren’t really good enough to play Varsity sports in college? Well, I have the answer for you. SMU offers an amazing Intramural program that includes over 30 individual and team-sport events. Some examples of these events include Flag Football, Volleyball, Soccer, Tennis, Basketball, Softball, and even Bowling! There are over 3,000 participants in these intramural events every year, which means it is an incredibly popular thing to do on campus. I play intramural softball because I used to play softball in high school, and it is so fun to get that competition going again. However, it’s fun all at the same time! I’ve met some really cool people while participating also! My sorority usually has a women’s team and a co-rec team for every event, and even when I’m not playing, I like to go watch the games with my friends. Intramurals is just another really fun way to get involved on campus at SMU!

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