Did Someone Say Late Night?

By Cameron Smith

One of my favorite things about living in Dallas is all of the great places to go eat!!! I once heard the fact that Dallas has the most restaurants per capita in the US. I would not doubt this statement, for one would be hard pressed to ever find themselves hungry in this city. I love getting the chance to go out to eat with friends on weekends or school nights. Not that our food on campus is not amazing, but it would be foolish to ignore some of the great offerings off campus as well. For example, last Friday a group of friends and me went to a restaurant called “Dick’s Last Resort.” The restaurant gets its reputation for employing obnoxious and rude waiters. It has a “sloppy” atmosphere but the resulting effect is a fun and entertaining environment. The food is good and the stories you leave with are even better. Other favorite places to eat for me are Potbellies, Chipotle, Bread Winners, Buzz Brews, Mi Cocina, and many many more. Dallas is a great city that has so much to offer and the eating options are some of that best in the nation. Our student body is very mobile and open to a night out on the town. I personally am also a fan of getting late night food during the wee hours in the morning at places such as Taco Bell or Whataburger. I am sure I will continue to learn more about Dallas with each year and all of the exciting things it has to offer.

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