Tip Top Lollipop, Flip Flop the Sticky Stump!

By Nick Cains

Hey Everyone!

If I told you this weekend was probably more hectic than the weekday, would you even believe me?

It was!

I’ve been rehearsing my talent show audition piece for over two weeks now and the audition went very well.

I had so much fun just working with all of these awesome artists in Meadows. Alethia played electric violin, which was beautiful. Vito jumped in on acoustic violin and also made things sound amazing. Jayson played electric guitar adding a wonderful groove and energy to the piece. Carolyn played piano which provided a wonderful body and framework for what we had. And finally Ben played crazy drums on the piece, which sounded even better than the drums on the studio version of the song! We played a song called Handlebars by Flobots- here’s to hoping we get to compete in the Talent show in a couple weeks!

I’ve also finally broken ground on my research paper. You know, the one about the Ontological Hysteric Theater of Richard Foreman. I spent sooo much time in the research, organizing, planning, and gathering phase of the work that I almost forgot to just write it all down. Today I am finally putting my foot on the pedal and just going- pushing through the abyss to end of this paper! Have you ever worked on something so long that you saw the light at the end of the tunnel and just wanted to live there! Just wanted to escape from the deadly grasp of this haunting, vile, but absolutely academically charged thing and couldn’t yet. Oh the terror. The horror. And yet, how refreshing to know that if you just try hard enough you can do anything your heart desires. I’m excited!

I’m also in the process of writing my first ten-minute play. I’m trying to realize exactly what I want to write about though. It’s like I have about 50 half-ideas in the works. I’m so intrigued by characters that make awful choices, but they also make you feel for them or see their point. I don’t wanna write a character that’s a “bad guy”- I wanna write about someone who is absolutely virtuous and well intentioned, but makes an awful mistake. I’m gonna mill around this for a little bit, and figure out my plan of action.

Thanks again for listening to me this week. I hope you have splendid weeks!

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