A Mummy on My Left and a Mullet on My Right

By Elizabeth Bandera

Whew. This week is drawing to a close and I can feel all of the stress from midterms just rolling off of my shoulders. Midterms are over for the most part and this weekend should be a fun one with the SMU vs. Houston football game.

My high point this week was definitely this past Sunday when I completed my very FIRST triathlon! I woke up at 4:30am(Blah) that morning to get ready – I had packed my car and loaded my bike into it the night before so I would be ready to drive to Denton where the race was taking place. For anyone who is unfamiliar with the order of a triathlon it is swim, bike, and then run, which means I got to swim in a nice indoor pool for a while and then run outside to the transition area to get my bike where it was 45 degrees Farenheit… that’ll definitely wake you up, especially if you’re only in a wet swimsuit. After the chilly 16-mile bike ride, my rear was a little sore, but I was ready to finish the race. All that was standing in my way was the running portion of the course! Granted, I’m not the most phenomenal runner out there, but I held my own with those around me.

Since this triathlon was called the “Monster Triathlon” everyone had the option of changing into a Halloween costume before the running portion of the race and then compete in a costume contest. I didn’t bring a costume, but many people did! It definitely made the running more enjoyable and put a smile on my face -there was a mummy on my left, a man with a mullet on my right, and I was trailing a band of superheroes. As I closed in on that last 100ft of the race, the people surrounding the finish line cheered me and the other athletes on and, as I crossed that glorious finish line, I heard the announcer bellow my name and race number… I was done. I had officially completed a triathlon! I was then presented with an orange and black, Halloween-themed participation medal that read “Monster Triathlon Finisher” on the medal – it may have looked a little gaudy, but I couldn’t have been prouder of that small participation medal.

So for any of you who need a Wellness 2 course here at SMU, please, PLEASE sign up for Beginning Triathlon with David Bertrand because it is by far one of the best experiences I???ve had here at SMU. Don???t be scared! It is a lot of work, but it is completely worth it in the end.

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