FroYo Yo Yo

By Courtney Steele

This weekend the Mustangs lost with a devastating OT field goal by
Navy (great game though boys!), but I think everyone will agree that
the boulevard-ing and game were one of, if not the, best ever!
Midterms are still on students’ minds all over campus (mine included)
for one more week. Now, what do these two things have in common for
me? FroYo.

Honestly, I had no idea about the Frozen Yogurt mania until I arrived
on campus for my first year. Dallas has so many options for frozen
yogurt delights – you have shops with traditional tart flavors to
those with cake batter, peanut butter and everything in between!
Simply counting the most popular among students there are at least 10
distinct “yogurt boutiques” (my technical description). Now honestly,
growing up with a sweet tooth for true ice cream, I was rather
skeptical about this so-called FroYo, but now I’m addicted! Every time
I go back home to Colorado (which seems to be slow in joining in the
mayhem) I have major cravings for some good ol’ Dallas FroYo. I’ve
decided frozen yogurt is how I’m surviving my midterms! It perks me
up, fills me up, provides a study break and, might I add, my absolute
favorite combo contains only 181 calories while keeping me full! (P.S.
they’re opening a new joint right off Hillcrest soon!) Now that’s
something to cheer about-, which leads me to boulevard-ing Saturday, it
was amazing! The weather was perfect, the Navy guys were in uniform
and we had free frozen yogurt! Yes, one of the many perks of attending
SMU – free frozen yogurt from one of the new-to-town shops before
supporting our team at the game! As the Early Action Deadline
approaches, keep considering SMU – where spirits are high, fun is
abundant, studying is essential and frozen yogurt is plentiful!

Go ‘Stangs!

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