We’re gonna have a funky good time

By Nick Cains

Oh my! Oh my! Wow. Really and truly this past week has been the busiest time of my career here at SMU for all types of reasons accidental and otherwise.

First, I actually had an audition for a TV show last Thursday. How crazy is that? It was for a pilot and I really did it so that I could just get the experience, but it was soooo exciting. I met the producer during AARO, went to his office, sat in the waiting room, went into the room, read my line “Dude looks like a lady” three different ways, and left. It was really a two hour process, but it felt like it just whizzed by. The producer has ties with SMU and Meadows since a project that he brought here a couple years ago and is a very nice, upstanding individual. I had a great time.

Then, FOOTBAL GAME ON SATURDAY! Truly, I think the Mustangs plays one of the best games of their new life with June Jones as head coach. We played against Navy, went into overtime, and lost, sadly, by their field goal attempt that went through. But the score was 35-35 before that. Thirty-five to thirty-five! The Mustangs were not blown out. We did not give up even with 1:35 seconds left we made a touchdown to force overtime. Our team is good and getting better all the time. The student section was packed to capacity and everyone stayed till the end. The most exciting day of football at SMU yet.

Finally, my research paper. THERE’S SO MUCH! Oh my gosh if there was any way that I could convey to you how massive this paper is I would. I have 25 sources I can choose from to move this paper right along and I’m finishing up my research tonight. It’s on the Ontological Hysteric Theater of Richard Foreman based in New York, and it’s definitely an interesting place for new work. All productions are written, directed, designed, and built for by Richard Foreman himself. That never happens. His theater is based on the principle of staging the act of being, moment-by-moment, continuously present, and not caring too much about being logical in scope. He challenges his audiences to see the theater space differently. To not ever feel passive and comfortable in their seat. To not accept any illusion of mock-reality onstage, and instead stay open to each new moment and engage with the material. Fantastic. You guys got a taste of what my paper is about even before I wrote it. Woohoo!

That’s my weekend. I have lots to finish before Thursday, so please send me your best wishes!

Have a beautiful weekend everyone.

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