We Don’t Tailgate…We Boulevard

By Lauren Cook

So many people mention the football games in their blogs, but I’d like to take a minute to talk about the festivities before the actual games begin! SMU has a tradition of Boulevarding (what we say for tailgating). It is like tailgating, but so much more. The main reason I say this is because this tradition is such a family affair. Families from the area come to support their students who attend SMU or they just come to support the school in general. Kids are playing everywhere and families gather their friends, set up a bar-b-q, and start cooking! There are also opportunities to talk with professors at your “major-specific” tent. I am a Corporate Communications & Public Affairs major and this past weekend, I had the privilege of hanging out with my fellow CCPA classmates and talking to some of the faculty while eating Chick-Fil-A! It was really fun. I would definitely encourage any students– especially first-year students who want to join in on the “family aspect” of SMU–to come down to the Boulevard!

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