The Middle of the Semester Slump

By Kaitlyn Hall

So it is about half way through the semester, and it went by so fast! However, every semester, I get into a little thing that I like the call the mid-semester slump. It always happens after my midterms are over, and when school work is looking pretty low. I have no motivation to do any work whatsoever, and all I want to do is relax, sleep, and watch all of the good TV shows that are on right now. What really stinks is that this slump tends to last a little longer than it should because then all of the work starts piling back up, and I can’t get out of it! So right now, I am in the mid-semester slump, and I need to get out of it! Some of the things that I do in order to get out of this state are to book several study rooms in Fondren library throughout the week for three hours at a time. That way, it forces me to go to the library and study. I also start Tivo-ing all of my favorite shows, rather than watching them live. That way, I can watch the shows during my free time on the weekends. The third thing I do is I give myself a bedtime. Yeah, I know, it sounds lame, but I try to go to bed before midnight during the week. I can then get enough sleep and cut out all of the napping. So hopefully, if I do all of these things, I can get out of this horrible slump and keep up those grades :)

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