Are You Awake?

By Cameron Smith

Sometimes in college, sleep can be tough to come by. With a busy schedule with classes and social activities pilling up, often times getting beauty rest is sacrificed. This week for instance, I am anticipating a lack of sleep. I have a test and a large project and will be leading a religious retreat this weekend. I find it ironic/amusing that the name of the retreat I am leading is called “Awakening!” Lack of sleep is most likely in order, but I am definitely looking forward to it. The retreat is being done through SMU Catholic. It will be held off campus this year and will last from Friday evening till Sunday afternoon. It is open to all students of SMU. It will be a nice change of scenery to be off campus and spend some time away from school with some of my best friends.
I have been involved in SMU Catholic since my freshmen year and have really enjoyed the people I have met there. There are many different religious groups on campus and I have many friends involved in other organizations such as RUF and One28. Programs like these and SMU Catholic sponsor many retreats throughout the year and help students to unwind from the pressures of school. Certainly after this week I am going to be in need of an energizer!
Well, its time to hit the books for awhile and if there is time…..sleep!!! See you guys next week!

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