A Topsy Turvy Week of Insanity

By Elizabeth Bandera

Golly, I don’t remember the last time in these past few weeks that I’ve just taken a moment to breathe! It has been one thing right after another (in a good way though).

The weekend before last was the annual Iron Skillet game between SMU and TCU. As a proud, slightly dorky member of our amazing Mustang Marching Band, I traveled to TCU with my fellow band-mates to cheer on the football team through the power of song. Unfortunately, the weather was the worst I’ve seen it in quite some time — at points it was raining so hard that the rain looked like a thick fog. However, we marched on! Due to the lovely, inclement weather, the band was forced to sport matching, grayish-blue “Mustang Band” ponchos that carried the pungent smell of mildew. Just my luck, I conveniently nabbed the largest poncho on the face of this earth — my entire head was engulfed by the hood, my arms disappeared in the sleeves, and my feet were nowhere to be seen because the poncho fell all the way to the ground. I looked like some strange little creature scurrying around the TCU stadium with an instrument. Any who, back to the game. Despite SMU’s valiant efforts, it just wasn’t in the cards for them that night. However, this past weekend SMU turned that around and beat East Carolina University, giving SMU a three wins for this season!

The day after the TCU game I had a “Pre-Tri” scheduled for my triathlon class, which meant that we’d be going through the same course as our final triathlon for practice. However, due to the terrible weather it was cancelled! Don’t get me wrong, who doesn’t want to wake up at 5:30 on a Sunday morning to swim, bike, and run, but the extra few hours of sleep were quite nice. My final triathlon, the Monster Two, is this coming Sunday and I’m nervous! I feel much more prepared than I did when I started the class, but I’m still a little anxious.

Lucky for me, my fall break started early with an exciting 24-hour round trip drive to St. Louis, MO for the Fifth Annual Billiken Barrister Tournament at St. Louis University. Two of our SMU Mock Trial teams went along to compete and did quite well! It started out a little rocky, but by the last round we found our footing and beat the opposing team 2-0. With all of the driving and eating on the go, I think this is the most fast-food I have consumed consecutively in my entire life…after this tournament I’ll be abstaining from the intake of fast food for a while. Sorry McDonalds — we were close this weekend, but I think I need some space.

Oh! Most importantly, my little sister, Katie, turned seventeen this past Monday, October 12th. Happy Birthday baby sister, I love you!

Other than that, I have a few midterms and lab practical exams this coming week so Fondren Library will be my best buddy this weekend. The weather is absolutely gorgeous out right now, so staying inside to study is going to be hard. Maybe I’ll just haul all of my stuff out to the lawn in front of Dallas Hall and study there…good idea.

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