RA’s aren’t scary…I promise!

By Liz Dominguez

So…Fall Break was GREAT! I had a great time – sitting in the library all day Saturday, all day Sunday, and all day Monday. That comes with the territory though, being a mechanical engineering major. My dynamics test went really well though, and I’m definitely glad it’s out of the way.

On a lighter note, I’m REALLY excited for Halloween! In my residence hall, all the RA’s are planning a hall-wide murder mystery program. Each one of the RA rooms is going to be a different scene in the story that leads residents to determine the “murderer.” Since I am the only RA on the first floor, my room will most likely be the center of everything. We’ve already come up with a script for the entire night, and right now we’re working on props and costumes. We even have our Hall Director, and our in-house Faculty Member, Dr. Doyle (the head of the University Honors Program) involved! This is going to be super fun! I’m in charge of getting all of the scene supplies together, so we’ll see how everything turns out. =)

Before coming to SMU, I didn’t realize how involved the residence halls are with students. We have programs all the time and we make sure each resident feels at home. I was the RA on-call last night and just walking around the building brings so many faces out of the rooms and into the lounges for fun conversation. Last night, I was talking to one of my residents from Hawaii about the World Cup – today, we had lunch together and watched part of the Brazil vs. Ghana game. Residence Life and Student Housing is definitely something worth thinking about when you’re making the college decision.

We’re having our “Be a Kid Again Night” program tonight, so I’ll be sure to tell you about that program later! Have a great weekend! =)

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