Lots of Fun within One Event

By Cameron Smith

There are plenty of exciting things going on this weekend around the Hilltop. First of all we have the Navy vs. SMU game! I am excited to see how we do against some fierce competition. Coming off of our strong win against ECU, I like our chances of a win. If our Mustangs can keep up the good work hopefully we can be headed for a Bowl game this year! Speaking of Mustangs…at the game SMU will be conducting the “Salute to the Mustangs.” At Ford Stadium Madeline Pickens will be presenting two trained rescued Mustangs as a gift to the school. The new Mustangs will accompany Peruna (our school’s mascot) at football games. Beside the small but energetic pony, the Mustangs will provide a fiery and powerful presence. I am excited to see how they will look running across the field as June Jones leads our team to victory. Along with the fly overs from the Navy Jets and a parachute landing, this game is going to be awesome.

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