By Natalie Sharp

Tomorrow night, SMU will be playing an exciting football game against Navy. Not only should the game plays themselves be exciting, but there are also a few more things that SMU Athletics has planned to make the game an awesome one! First of all, SMU and Navy will not only be competing for the win but they will also be competing for the Gansz Trophy. The Gansz Trophy has just been established by SMU in memory of SMU’s former special team???s coach, Frank Gansz, who passed away last year. This is also an exciting game because after SMU beat East Carolina last week, our SMU Mustangs are off to their best conference start since 1986! How awesome is that? June Jones, our head football coach from Hawaii, has done wonders to our football program. The game will also feature a pre-game military tribute, a football delivery from the Navy SEALS Leap Frog Jump Team and a flyover by F/A-18 Hornets. Last but not least, Madeleine Pickens is presenting the SMU community with new additions to our family, two beautiful and wild Mustangs! I hope everyone has had a great week and GO MUSTANGS!!!

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