I’m Dying to Leave the Work Behind Me….I Need to Get Some…SLEEP!

By Derek Hubbard

Those words above come from one of my favorite musical duos Chester French. The duo sings about the importance of rest and sleeping. This concept is ever important in this fast, crazy world we live in. Furthermore, sleep is one of the things you need most of while in college, yet most students will agree that sleep is a foreign friend that only comes once in a blue moon. With that being said, I would like to introduce the Top 5 Reasons to get Sleep in College!

5. Reduces the need for Botox
4. To make it out to the Boulevard during football season
3. So you don’t fall asleep in your 8 am
2. To fight off H1N1
1. Because Red Bull will only get you so far

And there you have it folks! Remember, do your best to achieve at least 8 hours of sleep while in college. Trust me, you will be more successful, have more energy, and you will be happier if you do. Plus, your body will thank you.

Sweet dreams, and until next time…Pony UP!


P.S. “Sleep is amazing.”-Courtney Steele
P.P.S in case you couldn’t tell-i’m sarcastic!

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