All Nighters…of the Fun Variety

By Courtney Steele

Hey y’all! I hope you’re having a good week! It’s fall break and I’m
headed back home to Colorado (yay cold weather, cozy clothes and
UGGs!) for a much needed break! I have midterms are this week and next
AND the week after, so studying is one of my top priorities! I’m
really lucky that, even though I live on campus as a sophomore and the
residence halls are lively, I can still study in my room.

For my first year I lived in Peyton and this year I’m living in Mary
Hay, each in the north quad of campus. Both of these halls are
designated as the “Fine Arts Community.” This community houses a lot
of Meadows School of the Arts students (which includes communication,
performing and fine arts) but many students outside of Meadows too.
The main distinction between these halls and others around campus is
that most of the “social” events are focused on the arts in some way.
For example, we have FAC Live which is part talent show, part art
show, and student film viewing party. These halls have also both been
recently renovated and the colored wall in each room definitely spiffs
it all up! Residence Life and Student Housing (RLSH) does a great job
matching you up with your hall and roommate, and if for some reason
they don’t, they do what it takes to make it better!

I love on campus life – food is just a few steps away, you can walk to
class when you roll out of bed 10 minutes before it starts (although I
never do that, of course!) and you’re always right there for on-campus
activities. Honestly, on campus life is a lot of fun and a big perk of
SMU! Late night microwaved s’mores, all floor study sessions and crazy
impromptu dance parties simply sum up the experience!

Have a great weekend y’all! Pony Up!

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