Where in the World is Courtney Colorado?

By Courtney Steele

Happy October everyone! Let’s play a guessing game! Here are your clues:

It has the largest restaurant per capita ratio in the nation. It’s
also home to the Cowboys (and yes, Tony Romo – even though some have
disowned him after the Jessica Simpson breakup). And home to the
largest Arts District in the United States. This location houses more
shopping centers per capita than any other city in the United State.
It was the background for a popular television series. There is an
airport larger than the entire island of Manhattan. Downtown is home
to the original Neiman Marcus. There’s absolutely no snow (y’all, a
light frost does not count! Colorado has real snow). It’s the city in
the United States with the first planned shopping center. It is home
to Southern Methodist University.

Where are we talking about? Yep. Dallas, Texas, of course, my adored
home away from home!

With concerts galore (my friends and I saw Brad Paisley in the pouring
rain a few weekends ago), the world famous Billy Bob’s just a half
hour away in Fort Worth (best weekend or Thursday night venture hands
down – let’s two step it y’all), and the possibility of going to a
different restaurant for every day of my time at SMU, what’s not to
love? Oh, and I forgot the incredible shopping heaven that we’re
surrounded by!

There’s your quick snapshot of Dallas! Have a great weekend y’all!

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