Nick Takes a Tumble

By Nick Cains

Hey Everyone!

This weekend was crazy ya’ll!

Mr. Marmalade was a hit! We had wonderful audiences for all three shows and had fun everyday. I enjoyed playing a character so different from me and having my friends tell me things like “I was so scared of you” or “I disliked you so much on Sunday” =D. That just tells me that I was at least mildly convincing. But on to my favorite part…

I definitely slept and fell onstage in our last performance. I caught myself before I completely fell over, popped right up and kept going with the scene. That was the most exciting moment I’ve had onstage in a very long time.

What’s even better than that? I have it on tape =D

My friend Jonathan Lester, a sophomore film major at SMU, definitely taped a majority of the production out of the kindness of his heart and I send my biggest thanks to him for that.

Playwriting class today was great as well. I wrote a monologue from the perspective of a homeless girl who was beaten up and stolen from; I wrote about the moment she tries to get her ring back from the bully.

I think my class had a strong reaction to it, which at least helped me to see that it evokes emotion from an audience. I’m thinking about expanding this into a scene or a play. I think I’m sparked by moments of injustice. Issues about worthlessness, about pride, about what a person would do to themselves if they felt like they were worth nothing. Where’s the humanity in the despicable.

On a brighter note… =D

I’m going to see Ben Folds at the Meyerson tonight! Yay!

I’ve never seen him in concert so this should be fabulous.

Have a great day everyone!

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