Exciting Weekend!

By Greg Nelson

It is an exciting weekend to be an SMU student. This weekend is the DFW Battle for the Iron Skillet for football between SMU and TCU. This year the game is at TCU and is expected to be a much better game than last year. I am planning on going to the game with friends to cheer on the Mustangs, hopefully to victory. Also, this weekend presents the opportunity to go to the Texas State Fair. Since I am from Ohio, I have never been to the Texas State Fair, and I am most excited about the assortment of fried foods available. I will however have some work to do for one of my classes, photography. We have a project in framing that is focused around the State Fair, which will make the fair more interesting I think because I have to look at it from many different angles. Lastly, we have been in classes for about two months now with no break. So this weekend means that there is one week of classes left to fall break, something every SMU student and professor are looking forward to.

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