Battle for the Iron Skillet, Battle for Victory

By Cameron Smith

This upcoming weekend has been circled on my calendar since August. This is for two reasons: first of all on Saturday is our very important football game against TCU, and most importantly Sunday is my birthday! This weekend promises to be an action packed fun time. Considering I have three tests this week, I will be especially ready for the break. Though these plans are not final, I plan on going out to dinner with some friends and then going to check out “Medieval Times.” I have never been before and I have heard that it is an experience not to be missed! Essentially what it is is a huge theme park where you dress up like you are living in the dark ages. You get to participate in many silly but mildly humorous activities and party like its 1328!! It should be a good time.
On Saturday, a big group of people and I are going to ride to Fort Worth on a charter bus. SMU has rented out many of these buses to transport students to the game for free!! We will ride down to the game and I plan on meeting some friends from back home in Colorado. After that we will tailgate before the game. SMU football is 2 and 1 right now and we are hoping for a big win against our biggest rival! The winner of the game will receive the “Iron Skillet.” I will be sure to go to the game clad in SMU gear to cheer us on towards victory.
On Sunday, I plan on having a relaxing day that involves sleeping in, a late breakfast, a small trip to the library, Church at 5:00, and watching the Denver Broncos beat the New England Patriots (I’m from Denver if you didn’t know!) It’s safe to say this weekend has the potential to be a very good one. Follow all of that up with fall break the week after and a trip to visit my brother at Vandy and life is good!!!
What I have loved about SMU is that our location in Dallas is perfect because we have access to so many things that can be a lot of fun. This weekend is just a small example of the exciting things gong on in the Dallas/Fort Worth are that students constantly take advantage of!

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