Fried Butter?

By Natalie Sharp

Let me begin by saying, TGIF! Now, TGTSFT is here! That is: Thank Goodness The State Fair of Texas is here! The State Fair of Texas is one of my all time FAVORITE things to partake in every year. I have been going to the state fair pretty much every year of my life, no joke. It’s that great! Conveniently, the fair is located in South Dallas, and is only about ten minutes south of SMU.

I remember my freshman year, a bunch of friends and I got together and piled in a car to go to the fair. It was a blast! Besides just completely devouring oneself in fried foods and hopping on to the newest ride attraction, there a lot of other great things to do at the fair, believe it or not. This year they have added a “Pirates of The Caribbean” Dive Show, for example. Okay, that sounds a little corny BUT these are things that are just fun to go to because I mean, let’s get real, how often do you get the opportunity to see something like that? (Ha-ha…) The state fair also has free concerts which are so much fun. If you are a country fanatic like me, you will be glad to know that Little Big Town and Miranda Lambert are just two of the performers in the line-up. (Also… on a side-note: Taylor Swift is performing in Dallas tonight!)

Another thing that I enjoy going to at the fair is the 2010 Auto Show. The auto show is the biggest new car show in the entire Southwest! Imagine, like four warehouses just full of the newest and upcoming cars! Hello, who would not have fun browsing these? You can sit in them too and last year I got a pretty sweet picture of myself sitting in a new Lamborghini!

These are just a mere few of the things that I love about the state fair, and I definitely think that everyone should experience the State Fair of Texas at LEAST once in their life! With great weather rolling through Dallas now that October is upon us, what more could you ask for a great time? Get some friends together and go enjoy some Deep Fried Butter (the fair’s most talked about new addition), Fried Peaches-n-Cream and a Famous Fletcher’s Corny Dog!! Have a great weekend!

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