Time Flies When You’re Having Fun…And Working…And Going to Class!

By Courtney Steele

Hey y’all! Whew, it’s been a crazy week in Dallas! Between classes, homework, tests, projects and work in the Admissions Office, I have hardly any extra time! Then add on Retail Club, Eta Sig (the Christian sorority on campus), The Hill (weekly worship/bible study) and Best Buddies! I guess I’m never stuck on the answer to “where did all my time go?” I know exactly where it’s going!

This week was our first meeting of the SMU chapter of Best Buddies. For those that aren’t familiar with the program, the essence of Best Buddies mission is to help foster lifelong relationships and friendships between college students and peers in the community with intellectual disabilities (bestbuddiesonline.org). Each student that chooses to be a “college buddy” is paired with a peer and they work on building relationships through weekly contact and monthly outings. Our group is big, everyone is really excited and the program is incredible! Throughout the fall we have so many events with our buddies starting with our matching party where everyone meets their new buddy and then a Halloween party, Thanksgiving party and Holiday dance! Everyone is really excited for this semester’s activities! I’m really amped to meet my new buddy! This is absolutely one of my favorite activities that I’m involved with on campus!

Well, this weekend should be calmer, should be, hopefully. Fingers crossed! Have a great weekend! Pony Up!

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