Of All The Nerve!

By Nick Cains

Oh don’t be fooled by the title of my blog… it’s actually the title of a performance piece we watched in my Solo Performance class yesterday. It was done by a performer named Deb Margolin who combined about 4 different characters plus herself to create this show essentially, I think, about different frustrations, big or small, that we have. I’m assigned a 500-600 word essay about why she chose the name of this piece, i.e. how does the title pull together these seemingly disparate pictures? You better believe I’m starting early

Mr. Marmalade is going very well. We just added another performance element to it last night. At one point in the play an actor begins to sing the song from Lady and the Tramp, two other actors mime playing instruments, and a dancer comes out for a short ballet number. My friend Amanda is a first year dancer and she graciously volunteered to perform as that dancer last night! She just came in, heard, the music, made up a solo and she looks beautiful doing it. Did I forget to mention that we are not playing the actual track from Lady and the Tramp”, two music majors (cello and violin) learned the song, recorded live instruments and sent the track to my director to use. Right now the show incorporates the departments of Theater, Dance, and Music. What great collaboration we have in Meadows!

On a smaller note I feel great because I was able to finish writing my monologue for my playwriting class.
I wrote it in the voice of Oscar Wilde in a moment of a fictional crisis. I’m sending it off to my professor today to get her feedback. I’m hoping it all goes very well.

Have a wonderful day you all!

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