“The Flourescent Adolescent that I am”

By Nick Cains

Hello All!

Have you ever had a weekend where you didn’t really feel the WEEK END? Ha so true for me this time.

Friday was great, I was able to wake up late due to my lack of classes on Friday, but I went to sleep late as well so it was more of a deficit nap anyway.

I bought an Ipod Nano on Friday! Oh you have no idea how excited I am. I actually ordered it online so it’s being mailed to me as we speak. It has an engraving that says “I Am Nick Cains” on the back. I love it. It has the video camera on it; the space on it that I need and its pocket sized… wooot! I’m very excited to finally have an Ipod again. I recommend it for those times between classes when you’re walking along but just would like to have an anthem going ya know. How awesome it that.

I helped my friend that I met at AARO (Academic Advising and Registration Orientation) my first-year celebrate her birthday. What a wonderful time to relax and make friends from UNT that I would’ve never met before. Ahh wonderful.

Also, this was the weekend of rehearsals for my show Mr. Marmalade. Every day of this weekend we’ve been hustling with rehearsals, but now we just have to make the show come together as whole. We have been working the separate scenes and last night we finally had a small audience of people who will be helping with the project. I know what felt good to me and what I will need to work on for now on. The show shall be a wonderful time once the weekend comes and my life will actually be much less busy.

This week will be crazy for me because of the rehearsing and such and catching up on sleep. My word of advice is to totally sleep whenever you get the chance. I’ve gotten into the habit of sleeping past twelve every night and it’s starting to take a toll on me. I want to be energized and ready for my day tomorrow, so my goal for tonight is to finish what I can and be asleep by 12:30. Make an obtainable goal for yourself is my motto- I’ll start here and work my way up. The latest I’ll be up is 1:00 a.m. and them I’m done.


I wish you all the most splendid of weekends. Tata!

Song for the day: Fluorescent Adolescent- Arctic Monkeys

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