Tests, Stress!

By Cameron Smith

It’s getting to be that time in the semester when everything begins to pile up. My daily planner has become a sea of scribbles and barely readable notes detailing all of the things I plan on accomplishing that day. With fall break approaching, and after about a month of school, it is the time for my first midterm in several of my classes. These are the first large tests of the year and will be a strong dictator of how I will do academically this semester. With two tests this week and three next week, I am in for a difficult challenge that I must go into well prepared for. Luckily, just two weeks ago in my wellness class we went over “Time Management” and creating a “Five Day Test Plan.” These activities are designed in order to help students be prepared for managing a busy schedule in college. I have known about these tests coming up since the first week of school so I have had time to plan accordingly. I filled out my test plan sheets and plan on spending a large amount of time in our 24/7 library called Fondren.
It all starts tomorrow with my Price Theory Test and ends in two weeks with an Accounting test. I’m hoping that the work I have put in up to this point will help me in keeping on top of things in these next two busy weeks!

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