SMU Football: 2 and 1!

By Kaitlyn Hall

Alright…so, I’m not going to get into the SMU football game that happened this past weekend. (SMU lost in overtime against WSU.) However, I do want to say that that was our first loss of the season, which means we are 2 and 1. You might not think that is that great, but if you know anything about SMU football the past couple of seasons, this record is really good! The past two seasons that I have been here, SMU has only won one game the whole season. We have already beat that record this season. So, now, you understand why I am so excited! It is June Jones’s second season with SMU, and he seems like he is doing a great job so far! We are all really spirited and excited about this football season, and we hope to see more wins in the future.

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