Getting Involved Counts!

By Lauren Cook

So, I just went on the Fall Retreat for 128 (which is the name of one of SMU’s Christian organizations on campus) and it was a blast! However, I am reminded of how much fun I had even two days after the retreat. Today I am very sore from all the outdoor activities we did. It’s funny, because after walking around campus today, I could tell who went on the retreat as well. The people who were limping around like old people had clearly gone! Basic activities such as getting in and out of bed, walking, crossing my legs, etc. are very problematic for me at this time. I’m waiting a bit before I hit the gym again ;). Regardless of my bickering, I really did enjoy this past weekend. I got to have lots of quality time with my best friends as well as further my relationships with other people that I knew but didn’t know as well. I played crazy games such as volleyball with a dead octopus and dead chicken–NO JOKE!!!!! (I will admit that the octopus was much easier to throw) Moreover, I had a quality spiritual experience. Our worship leader played the guitar and led us in songs all weekend and we had a very motivating speaker from The Village Church who gave three sessions throughout our time there about “What is Christianity?” and “What does it mean to be a Christian?” This is just one example of a student organization on SMU’s campus. The best thing about this note is that there are so many more organizations out there! Over a 100, in fact. Mix and match, try out various clubs and organizations and see what you like. Regardless, you’re bound to find one that is fun and that certainly pays in more ways than one!

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