Crain Leadership Conference

By Greg Nelson

This past Saturday I attended a leadership conference brought to SMU by Crain Leadership Institute. The speaker, Brendon Burchard, was an amazing speaker and motivator. He has worked with many fortune 500 companies and celebrities on leadership and how to manage people and situations. As he told us, leadership isn’t about just managing people; it is about understanding the people you are around and their situations so you can communicate with them in the best possible way. A few keys he suggested were: trust, passion, patience and more. These first few weeks of school have been kind of tough for me in many respects, but this past Saturday helped me to get back onto my feet and realize how to handle and view the situations I am facing. It is great that SMU has so many unique opportunities on campus, and I am just starting to realize, these opportunities don’t mean anything if I don’t seize them.

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