Helping Others

Cameron%20Smith.JPGBy Cameron Smith

Now that I have been back at school for a couple of weeks and am all settled in, it’s about that time that I start making my plans for the rest of the semester. With fall break soon approaching in early October, I have decided that rather than going home or visiting friends this year; I am going to do some community service! Through one of the campus ministries on campus is a program called Urban Plunge. Urban Plunge is an alternative fall break that involves going to an inner city neighborhood where others are less fortunate and getting to spend time with them and help make a difference. This unique service opportunity caught my eye when a few friends were talking about their experience when doing it last year. Those who went have told me that it is one of the most rewarding things they have done and the best part is that it is right here in Dallas. I am excited for my opportunity to get a break from school and get involved in the Dallas community.

An advantage for SMU in being situated where it is so near downtown Dallas is the number of things you can become involved in outside of campus in terms of service. Last year, I was able to volunteer with Habitat for Humanity and help build a house. Outside of programs such as Habitat we have programs such as “Best Buddies” which involves forming one on one relationships with those who are mentally challenged. Many of these programs are run through the University and help do a lot of good things for the community. For those interested in helping out their community, SMU is a great place to be!

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