What if Kanye West got the swine flu during a week of rain?

By Derek Hubbard

WOW!!!! What a week it has been for me here on the Hilltop!! Where do I begin? Let’s dive headfirst into this.

My week started off last Sunday with the notorious VMAs. MTV is the king of surprises and shocking TV moments, and this year’s awards show was no different. One name is on everyone’s lips after Sunday’s telecast: KANYE WEST. Oh Kanye! When will you learn? In true West fashion, he had to ruin poor, little Taylor Swift’s first VMA award moment by proclaiming the genius that is Beyonce. Thankfully, West was escorted from the awards show after his tirade. I’m sure you are wondering what this has to do with SMU, right? Fret not; we will get to that soon enough!

Let’s go one day past the VMAs to Monday. My roommate woke up not feeling well with a fever. YIKES!!!!!! Fever=Swine Flu. Well, at least it does in my germaphobic mind! I strongly encouraged him to go to the Health Center and seek medical attention. After he came back, my greatest fear was confirmed. He had the flu. I immediately proceeded to get Clorox wipes and Lysol in order to disinfect my entire room. I don’t think you truly understand how I hate germs. At the beginning of the semester, I informed my roommate that we would have a swine flu free suite!!!! He broke the rules!!! Thankfully, he decided to go stay at his house since he is from the Dallas area. Once again, I am so sure that you are wondering what this has to do with SMU. Patience grasshopper, in time it shall be revealed.

Finally, for the last week and a half, Dallas has received a steady flow of rain. I love the thought of rain, however it makes me want to stay in my residence hall and take it easy. I am less inclined to make those midnight Taco Bell runs and day trips to Northpark when the weather is bad. On another note, it is very interesting to see all the students in their rain boots, jackets, and umbrellas above their heads in the air. It is a scene to behold. The only thing I feel like doing is studying and sleeping. I promise this relates to SMU!

Here’s how we are going to link these 3 events to SMU.

First, in reference to Kanye, SMU prepares its students to be productive, respectful citizens. Here, our teachers hold us to the same standards as adults. All the students here are respectful of one another, and we are receiving the necessary tools for us to always act in a tactful and respectful manner. SMU is a happy place where everyone’s thoughts and ideas can be freely expressed without the threat of persecution. I believe that if Kanye had attended SMU, he might not have so much anger and hostility within himself. What do you think?

Next, my roommate’s unfortunate bout with the flu helps us see the importance of SMU’s Memorial Health Center. The health center is a great resource for students on campus to receive the necessary medical care for whatever illness they suffer from. In addition, the health center offers substance abuse counseling as well as counseling for other issues such as home sickness, depression, and eating disorders. Our center is staffed by doctors, nurse practicioners, registered nurses, and pharmacists just to name a few. The university is taking proactive measures to ensure the overall health of its students.

Finally, the rainy weather allows students hear to do 2 things we should do more of: sleep and study. It is a common unspoken rule of college that we as students do not get enough sleep. However, the rain provides the perfect background music for a nice afternoon nap. Also, since no one wants to really have to get out in the rain, it allows us to stay inside and crack open the textbooks more. As a result of inclement weather, we are able to be better rested and prepared.

See, I told you I had a point!!

Until next time….Pony Up!!!!

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