Preparing for the Next Step

By Kaitlyn Hall

So, this past weekend was Labor Day weekend which meant that we had Monday off! I was soooo happy that we got an extra day off of school because not only am I doing homework all the time and working…I have also been preparing for the Career and Internship Fair, which is happening one week from today! This fair has dozens of employers that come to SMU, and they have all come to talk to SMU students about possible jobs or internship opportunities. I am going next week because I am interested in getting a business internship for next summer. Although I am very excited to be going to this fair and making all of these connections, I still can’t get over how much time and effort it takes to prepare for it. Yesterday, I went to the Cox School of Business Career Services office, and a career counselor looked over my resume for me. I also tried to learn some tips about meeting these important employers. And of course, I have to pick out what I am going to wear! Wish me luck for next Wednesday because I am going to need it! It is exciting that I have the opportunity to get to know these employers on campus here at SMU!

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